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Service Times

  • Sunday Morning Early Service                      8:25 am
  • Sunday School                                              9:30 am
  • Sunday Morning Late Service                     10:30 am
  • Sunday Night Service                                   6:00 pm
  • Wednesday Morning Service                      10:30 am
  • Wednesday Night Service                             6:30 pm

A good pastor that can keep you very interested in the sermon and a wonderful church family , I always feel God in his house and they use the KJV Bible.
– Randall Garrett
My family has been visiting for a few months now. The church family is so welcoming and loving. Pastor Zach is on fire for God and he preaches God’s word no matter if he steps on some toes. Our kids have really enjoyed the youth classes and youth group. We really are enjoying coming! If you are looking for a church I highly recommend Jones Avenue. God bless
– Bridget James
You Feel the love of the people. The message is totally from the Bible. The children are recognized and loved. The Holy Spirit is leading.
– Rachel Elrod
AWESOME Church led by a wonderful Pastor! The entire church welcomed me with open arms & hearts! GOD led me in another good direction!!
– David M Naphegyi
I just wanted to give shout out – these amazing Christian men showed up in our neighborhood not long after the Flood of 2016 as it is now referred to. They came into our devastated neighborhood offering cases of water, offering to help but most importantly offering prayer and comfort as we stood among our ruins. As of today we are still slowly rebuilding and although some will not be coming back there is also recovery and hope. Thank you for caring and driving so far to offer love and prayer. Ya all will never be forgotten.
– Nickie Heyer

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