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  • Sunday School Encouragement
    Good afternoon Jones Ave. Family, I hope and pray you’re doing well! If you’re a visitor looking @ this page I hope and pray you’re doing well also. My joy is in the Lord; my hope is found in that same Lord today! I pray you know the Lord Jesus personally today. If you don’t call us @ the church office and we would love the opportunity to speak with you about Jesus (864) 859-1746. Today, I’m excited about several things, but I will only talk about 1 for now. I’m excited about Sunday School @ Jones Ave. Sunday School has been a tremendous part of God’s plan for many churches down through the years and so it has been here. We’re excited to see our classes once again growing and people coming back for Sunday School. If you’re not participating in Sunday School I want to personally encourage you to come back and be part of what God is doing! If you have a class this Sunday is a great Sunday to rejoin them. If you don’t have a class, we have a class for you and for your family! This Sunday @ 9:30 am we are launching a brand new Sunday School Class called “Yielded” based on (Romans 6:13). It is our desire that this class would encourage Believers, witness to unbelieves and lift high the wonderful name of Jesus! If you are looking for a place to visit, visit us in Room #208. Dennis Cox and Pastor Shaw are leading this class and we would love to have you! Jones Ave. Family, God bless you! We hope to see you each and every week @ 1 of our 5 worship opportunities. Sunday School is Sunday mornings @ 9:30 am Sunday Worship opportunities are 8:30 am, 10:30 am, & 6:00 pm Wednesday Worship opportunities are 10:30 am & 6:30 pm
  • Special Days
    Good afternoon Jones Ave Family, I pray you are doing well and that your families are doing well! We are certainly living in some of the most difficult days of our lifetime and days that are unprecedented to say the least. We still see reports of a virus that has changed most of the world, there is a huge hurricane wreaking havoc in the gulf, we are seeing turmoil in Afghanistan and tremendous troubles even in our beloved United States of America . These are difficult days or as the Bible would say, “perilous times.” Even in the midst of this discouraging news, Beloved, hold your heads high because our Lord, the King of kings is still on His throne! God is in charge! God is able! God sees and God certainly knows! Jones Ave Family, I want to encourage you in 2 ways today: 1. Back 2 Church Sunday – Sunday, September 12th is a great day to come back, gather, fellowship and worship with God’s people again! We would love to see you on that special day as we gather and give God all the praise and all the glory! I am setting a goal and I would love to see over 200 people on this special Sunday. We will commit to being here that Sunday and help us reach our goal of 200? 2. Baptism Sunday – Sunday morning September 12th in the 10:30 am service We have several in our children’s ministry and even in our youth ministry that this is the next step in their walk with God. Pray for them We are partnering this Sunday with Southern Baptist Churches all across the country on this special emphasis of fill up the tank (baptistery) If you have not followed the Lord in Believer’s Baptism will you commit to being here that Sunday ready to be baptized? Help us pray for a great harvest of people who need to be baptized or even saved! Our SBC Leadership has noticed a discouraging trend. We are not seeing young people baptized (up to age 18) like we used to see. So we are emphasizing in a special way within our children/youth ministry baptism over the next 2 weeks. Jones Ave Family, pray, pray, pray and then pray some more that God would do a great work among His people and among His Church here @ Jones Ave. We need to desperately see a move of God in a mighty way. I am praying we will begin to see people coming back to church and back to the Lord! I am praying we will see lost people saved and saved people encouraged/edified for God’s great glory! Jones Ave Family, can I count on seeing you and your family Sunday morning September 12th @ either the 8:30 am or 10:30 am service? I hope to see you then! Invite someone to be your guest. Serving Him together, Pastor Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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